Friday, June 30, 2006

Hot Spa, Onsen, for dogs

Hello, all,

As you may know, there are lots of hot spas, Onsen, in Japan, where you can enjoy
hot spa, spelendid food and very relax atmosphare, even hot spa under the Sun.
At Onsen, we usually stay at 'Onsen ryokan', spa hotel. In most cases, those ryokans
do not allow dogs to stay, because their floor is covered by tatami, grass mat.

Then, what about me, Hana, dog? If I would like to go trip with my family, what
can I do? Is there any ryokan that allows me to stay?

Yeah, there is. Look at this, I am in hot spa, onsen under the Sun.
There are several ryokans where I can stay with my family. This one has a
heated pool, too. I really enjoyed staying this ryokan.


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